Monday, April 27

kalau sa ada magic.....

Think my HOPE on sumthing its just hope owh... Feeling sad N upset... REALLY UPSET... Wonder why i can't got it.. I'm too tired to wait, this Leadin' me to Say KALAU SA ADA MAGIC....!!! Sa sedey oww....

Sunday, April 26

S E E . . . .

Friday, April 24

I waNNa' . . . . .

I waNNa' be tHe gUrl he CaN be GoOFy aRounD!

I waNNa' be tHe gUrl he CaN teLL aNyThinG tO!

I waNNa' be tHe gUrl he ScaRed To Lose!

I waNNa' be tHe gUrl he CaN hOLd HanD WitH in PuBliC aNd

nOt CaRe whaT aNyOnE SaY!

I waNNa' be tHe gUrl WhO aLwaYs In hIs MinD!

MoSt Of aLL I waNNa' be tHe gUrl he LOVES!!

Tuesday, April 21

T h i s M A Y . . . .

Can wait!!

he is comin' back.........

jus think of him, almost 2 month DO not see and hoping MAY come quick..

missed him much..

everyday, everynight jus heard his voice, just see his static picture..

Tuesday, April 14

ThiNk I' Ve FoUnD HiM... Hehehe

It's 4 mY HiM..

Mr. StReNz

its 4 Mr. Strenz... Hakzz..

GoD GaVe Me
TwO LegS To WaLk
TwO EyEs To See
TwO HanDs To HoLd
TwO EaRs To HeaR
BuT wHy DiD GoD GaVe Me OnLy OnE HeaRt?
"BeCaUse GoD gAvE tHe OtHeR oNe to SoMeOnE FoR Me To FinD tHeN LoVeD"....

L i h a T k e R J a K u . . . . .

'jUs LiKe DiSaSTeR WeeK'

Da' StReeS aLL iN oNe....

HvE tO FiNisH aLL dIs' aSSiGnMeNt

HeRe's Da 'NigHt N NooN MaRe' CoMesss...

w h e N m a H a N d i S w R i T i N g . . . .

aKu iNsaN yaNg KerDiL
inGiN mENgaPai BinTanG
bERkERdIpAN dI aNgKasA
WaLau IanyA kU taHu
SesUatu YanG Tak MunGkIN
bIsA kUkECaPi
KaU IbaRaT SaNg RemBuLan
Aku HanYa PunGGuK Yang
BeRangAN TinGGi tUK' MeNDaPaTkaNmU
NaMuN Aku SeDaRi SiaPalAH aKu
UmPaMa TiTiK hUJaN JaTuH KeLauTan KasIHMu
SeKaLi Pun KuMaMpu TeRBanG
TaK KaN bIsA kU KeCaPi
LanGit NaN KeBiRuaN....

Friday, April 10

WaN' To ShaRe......

True love is when you find someone you can imagine yourself growing old with,

someone you can love even if they break your heart,

someone you can cry with, have tone of fun with, but most of all someone you love with..


WaNNa HiM...

i'am not supposed to love you
i'am not supposed to care
i'am not supposed to live my life
wishing you were there
i'am not supposed to wonder
where you are or what you do
i'am sorry, i can't help myself
cause i'am in love with you!

Thursday, April 9

The sweetest of Joys..

The loveliest of Flowers..

The melodiest of Songs..

Can't compare to the Beauty,

and Special Ness of..........





ma' 1st entry in des' side..

jus wanna to say

im da'beginner.. im da newest one..